Yesterday I helped pace the 3:45 marathon group for the brand new 2019 Publix Atlanta Marathon course. I debated writing up a full recap on this race, but I ultimately decided against it. I’ve already recapped two Georgia marathons (this was my third), and I don’t think it’s necessary for me to go that deep a third time around. After all, the main reason for this blog is to serve as a repository of my thoughts and experiences as I pursue my goal of 50 sub-4 hour marathons in 50 states. I’ve thus far avoided recapping Race’s more than once and will, likewise, minimize recalling states more than once.

That said, I thoroughly enjoyed my first time pacing a full marathon, and I was truly impressed by the course. Essentially all of the changes we made to the second half, and these changes were all positive. The course now covers a far more diverse slice of the city and include several notable (but previously ignored) sections of our city, namely the Atlanta University Center.

This is Atlanta, so hills are a given; they should be expected and appreciated. My pacing went really well, I met some cool new people and we got in at 3:44:32 - just under goal!

I would definitely run and pace this course again. I had a great time!