Mic check mic check. I’ve been building my base mileage back up, and now I’m back in that 80 to 90 mpw range. Everything feels good, and I’m hoping to roll into a fourth consecutive injury-free cycle.  

This time around I’m only adding one new thing into the mix - cold showers. Random, I know. But I’ve read about some of the benefits of taking cold showers and I figured  hey why not 🤷🏾‍♂️  

Oh I’m also simplifying my run schedule. I’ll be doubling 6 days a week - everyday except for my long run day. I’m also simplifying my approach to the long run - I’ll simply alternate between 20 and 24 milers each week. Tuesday will be track repeats; Thursday will be midlong; Friday hill repeats. All other runs are simply recovery efforts to just get in the miles.