Today’s run was in solitude. The wet ground added extra volume to my steps and allowed me to appreciate the consistent cadence that I have developed. The sound of my footfalls; the sound of me moving in perfect balance with my body. We often take for granted how God has blessed us to be able to maintain balance while moving on just two legs. It’s part of what makes us different; and as part of my quest to list out the things for which I am grateful, it was also the subject of much of my thought today.

Also, I am blessed to be surrounded by so many trees where I live. Even the track is surrounded on all sides by trees. Trees that look exceptionally vibrant in the muted sunlight of a rainy day. The green seemed so much brighter. My run felt good. My legs and heart were equally strong, and I have still yet to feel even the slightest bit of soreness from last week’s marathon... yet another blessing to be thankful for. Sunday long day.