Let me go ahead and get these thoughts down now before my busy week ahead. 

i just finished running the PNC 5K in 18:15. It was a nice tuneup for this upcoming marathon. I ran this one in my marathon kit in similar weather to what is forecasted for race weekend. So all seems well.

I have also been inadvertently hitting MP during some of my runs during this taper. That’s a good sign for me; it shows that my legs are feeling primed to go. 

So goals for this upcoming race - I have three: 

”A” Goal - Break 2:50

”B” Goal - Break 2:55

”C” Goal - Break 3:00

i would consider anything over 3:00 to be missing the mark. I think I have a decent shot at my “A” goal... maybe a 20-25% chance and a 75% chance at hitting my “B” goal.  

We will see how it goes. But I’m feeling pretty good about it!  

📸 credit - Garry Wylie

📸 credit - Garry Wylie