Happy New Year! Stepping into the new year, I have a few run-related goals that I want to pursue. I'm letting these thoughts free stream from my mind because in the days leading up to 2018, I don't believe that I gave them much though; at least not much intentional thought. My wife asked me what my resolutions were for the new year - I didn't have any - I mean not in the traditional sense anyway. Truthfully I think I've always felt a disinterest in creating resolutions that are indexed to something as seemingly frivolous as a calendar date. You know, why put off to January first what you could do now. But on second thought - I will take this time to be intentional about some of my running related goals. I have others, but this is clearly not the forum to discuss those. So yea, back to running - (1) I want to complete the Atlanta Track Club Grand Prix and place within my age group; (2) I want to run another sub-3 hour marathon; (3) and I want to continue to contribute to running culture by leaving a legacy that outlives my days of putting feet to pavement; and lastly, (4) I want to speak less and do more. I took my first step towards the completion of these goals yesterday when I completed the first race of the Grand Prix Series. I finished the Resolution Run 5k in freezing temps in a respectable 19 minutes and 6 seconds, good enough for 18th place (out of 1,800 total participants).