Running is my peace; it is my balance. In a world so full of uncertainty, there’s a certain sort of serenity that I feel when exercising total control over my body. God gave us so much power, and there is so much thought put into the design of our bodies. Perhaps we are truly born to run, and perhaps that is why I feel so close to my purpose when running.

This morning the stars were out in all of their glory. On quiet dark morning, glancing up at the sky often fills me with awe. Little old me - all alone on the track with only my thoughts and the sounds of my footfalls for company… it’s easy to lose track of the scale of the whole thing. And those moments when I confront the vastness of eternity, I’m humbled before God. And I’m happy to be in the moment. And I keep running…  now with the presence of God there to join my thoughts and the sounds of my footfalls.