I believe that the key to longevity in running is the ability to view your schedule through a wide-scoped lense; to view the entirety of your running career as an exercise of periodization. There’s a natural rhythm to the way I plan my schedule. Even as I’m planning out the ebb of the peak weak of my training cycle, I remain cognizant of the flow of the recovery or base-building segment to follow. Gains come with time, and time is the reward of the patient.  

I’m one week away for the start of my next training block. I’ve never felt better, and the enthusiasm with which I am approaching my next marathon will hopefully endure through the unforgiving winter months to come. There’s something special about winter training. The passing runners’ nod of acknowledgement takes on more gravity when the temperature is below freezing and the trails are void of the seasonal influx of fair-weather visitors. Winter on the trails is for a different sort of runner, and I am excited.