Another week done! This was a (planned) step back week for me from a mileage perspective. On Monday and Tuesday, I attempted to convert from my typical heal strike to a more mid-foot to forefoot strike; I thought this might help my speed as a continue to prepare for my next marathon. Well, severe calf pains on Wednesday and Thursday put the breaks on the plan;  I will continue to be a heal striker lol. I'm not worried much about it as long as I land under my center mass. The jury still seems to be out regarding the superiority of one foot strike over another; the key seems to be not over striding... Which I'm known to do, particularly at the end of a race or when going downhill. I'll just keep an eye on it for now.

Next week the intensity goes up. I have more and longer tempo runs and a 21 mile long run. Hic Svnt Leones!