I'm going to try and update my log once per week now that I'm back in the full swing of marathon training.  

My next marathon is Jack  & Jill's Downhill Marathon, and this will be my first official BQ attempt. I'll be shooting for 3 hrs flat; I will need to cushion for my 3:05 BQ requirement.

Training has been going well. This was my first week of training, and it was a generous step up in mileage and pace. My body is responding well. I've got the usual assortment of ailments after particular runs, but I file them in the soreness category (as opposed to injury).  

I am definitely going to be avoiding concrete. I had two runs on concrete this week and both times my joints let me know of their disapproval.  

I've been using compression socks and sleeves, which have been a godsend.