So I've finished my third week of marathon training, and I'm still in one piece! Just to reaffirm things, all pain and/or discomfort associated with my shin and foot that held me downs for a couple of months is completely 100% gone. I can't mention that enough, and I won't take any miles for granted. Not running sucks.

This week I covered 58 miles, making it my biggest mileage week of 2016. I didn't have any issues this week; however, I continue to wear compression socks and sleeves on all of my runs. I'm pretty sure I will just keep this going for the foreseeable future - if it's good enough for Meb, it's good enough for me.

I'm also really trying to stay on top of stretching, ice baths, Epsom salt, and foam rolling. From a maintenance perspective, I'd much rather put in the work on the front end then face any setbacks as my mileage and effort begin to pick up. I do have some slight soreness in my left thigh, which I'm 99% sure came from me climbing a tree over the weekend :)  ... nothing a little stretching and time won't fix!