Schedule got mixed around a bit, so I ended up running long this morning instead of Saturday. With the Peachtree Road Race (10K) coming up in a couple of weeks, I figured I'd test out the course; I haven't ran it since last year's race. So starting at Lenox Mall, I ran 6 miles and some change down Peachtree and over to Piedmont Park (10K) at a 7:37 per mile pace. Then I rested for a couple of minutes before doubling back for a reverse course 10K light jog back to the mall. And when I say light, I mean light - the 10:14 per mile pace kind of light. All in, I logged in just under 13 miles this morning. Now it's time to taper down a bit for my upcoming 5K this weekend and 10K the following weekend. Then it'll be the first week of marathon training! Let's get it!